Criminals 😜


My amazing sister & business partner, Iseult McPherson, recently redid the entire zanze sim to provide tons of amazing photo spots, and truly just a beautiful environment to sit, relax, explore or shop.

You will find zanze mainstore for both men and women, Mirror Mirror-clothing by the stunning Novaleigh Freng.  and the talented Leah McCollough has some fantastic poses in her shop on the sim as well. Most recently we have had, , from Amara Beauty move her mainstore to the sim as well. If you have not had a chance to see her skins and makeup… you are TRULY missing out!

There is also a gacha garden resale, games, and much more to do on the sim so hop on over and check it out! We would love for you to share pics you take there also!!! Feel free to add photos to the photo board inworld!

Happy Shopping and Exploring!!


Ise & Zzoie’s SLooks-

Ise (LEFT)-

Outift- zenith criminal- hat, shorts, jacket, gloves and crop in blush. (previous gacha release-available for resale at slurl above.

Head- Catwa Tumble Head


Zzoie (RIGHT)-

Outfit-zenith criminal-hat, shorts, jacket, gloves, in black-handcuffs in red (previous gacha release-available for resale at gacha garden on zanze sim.

Head- Catwa Destiny Head




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