FaMESHed~May 2013


I love the new setup at FaMESHed… for some reason it seems they have even more great stuff now then they did before (If that is even possible). I must have left 3K Lindens shorter after my last visit! Today I am wearing two of the items I bought there the other day. This classic jean jacket by Emery and this super feminine skirt by Tee*fy.  I will be honest… I picked up this skirt just to go with my shoes from BSD Design Studio. They happen to be my most favorite color in the world… so happy and cheerful! What I love most about the jacket however is that its an item you can literally throw over almost anything and make it look more stylish. It is big enough to wear a mesh shirt under it although I happened to pair it with a system shirt that I had made a while ago so I could modify it to the color I wanted. Should you want to put this outfit together just shoot me an IM or nc inworld and I would be happy to pass you a copy. All in all though its a great round at FaMESHed so I would definitely recommend stopping by! Happy shopping everyone!!! 

The SLook:

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